Students studying at any accredited university under the supervision of an HSPN Investigator have the opportunity to join the Health System Performance Network (HSPN) as a trainee, allowing students to pursue a post-graduate degree in their field whilst working and obtaining hands-on experience in other areas with leading researchers in Canada.

The HSPN offers a one year $26,000 award for first-year Masters students and up to fourth year PhD students. Applicants are evaluated on academic excellence; significance and quality of the project and it’s alignment with HSPN goals and scope. This opportunity is for internal members of the HSPN network.

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An HSPN Fellowship offers the opportunity to develop research in the context of a network of researchers with substantive focus on performance measurement in the health system.

HSPN-funded fellowships will support projects related to population health and integrated care including topics such as Performance Measurement using the quadruple aim framework (health outcome measurement, patient and caregiver-reported outcomes and experience measures, provider experience, cost & value) and health equity measurement and assessment.

HSPN Post-Doctoral Fellowships include a competitive stipend, innovative research and teaching experiences, mentorship, and exposure to our researchers and the hundreds of health system providers with whom we interact. This unique research training opportunity could introduce you to a fulfilling passion while providing substantial experience to add to your resume or CV.

No current vacancies

How to Apply:

See Post-Doctoral Application Instructions

See Post-Doctoral Application Form