HSPN uses multiple evaluative approaches including quantitative analysis using health administrative data and qualitative approaches to inquiry and has provided central evaluation to the Province for programs including Health Links, the Integrated Funding Model Pilot project and Bundled Care for hip and knee replacements. Research conducted by the HSPN were the foundation for initiatives that have provided advanced evidence on the anticipated and realized effects of policies. HSPN developed the person-centred costing algorithms that first identified the total health expenditures associated with the top 1% and 5% of health care users. HSPN also developed episode-based care algorithms to evaluate and compare potential care bundles and provided the evaluation for the Integrated Funding Model, which led to the spread of Bundled Care and integrated funding to all surgical procedures. HSPN has developed and used patient and caregiver experience surveys for interdisciplinary team primary care, home care, long term care and for transitions between care providers to identify performance based on patient and caregiver experience.