Ontario Health Teams

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are being introduced to provide a new way of organizing and delivering care that is more connected to patients in their local communities. Under OHTs, health care providers (including hospitals, doctors and home and community care providers) will work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care. We are developing a range of supports for OHTs including practice guides, measurement tools and an approach to evaluating Ontario Health Teams.

ADVANCE Program of Supports 

As one of the Ministry’s Central Support Programs to OHTs, our ADVANCE faculty has redesigned our Programs to support your leadership team virtually.

What’s New in Evaluation?

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What’s Next?

🗓 Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Topic: Co-Designing Health Solutions: Engaging Patients, Families, and Providers for Effective Implementation

Join our webinar, “Co-Designing Health Solutions,” to learn how direct engagement and co-design with patients, caregivers, families, care providers, and community members can drive successful implementation of health services. Explore strategies for inclusive collaboration and discover the impact of co-designed solutions on improving healthcare outcomes. 

Hear from thought and practice leaders including Dr. Kerry Kuluski, Dr. Mathias Gysler Research Chair in Patient & Family Experience, Dr Laura Harild and Dipti Purbhoo from the Mississauga OHT Palliative Care Model and Yasmin Sheihkan, Vice Chair and Patient and Family Council Chair for the Mid-West OHT as they share their approach and outcomes from patient and family engagement and co-design. Come to learn and share your experience in the discussion of how and why engagement and co-design leads to better implementation and outcomes.

Our Latest

🗓 Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

Topic: Using Evidence in the Learning Health Systems

This webinar explores how to locate or undertake rapid syntheses of existing evidence to regarding the success or failure of solutions applied to the problems you are trying to solve in your Ontario Health Team. We are host to global leading centres for evidence curation and creation here in Ontario including RISE and the McMaster Health Forum, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research. Hear about how these centres can help you to connect with evidence for your OHT. Learn how to leverage existing knowledge to enhance your health system’s performance and adaptability. Where there is insufficient evidence, begin to think about how your intervention can be set up to generate evidence regarding success for your own work and for others facing similar problems. 

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