At present, there is an unprecedented appetite for value-added, timely information to support decision-making and system monitoring by both healthcare delivery organizations and their stewards. Information has emerged as a powerful tool to both enhance quality and improve efficiency in health systems.

Over the years, the Health System Performance Network (HSPN) has deployed a number of tools to assist in the interpretation and distribution of performance findings. Tools developed by the HSPN are available for use and/or download from this site.


Quantifying the risk of readmission or death after discharge from hospital

Online LACE Index

The LACE index is a validated risk assessment tool, which is used to prospectively identify patients who might benefit from more intense post-discharge care. A composite risk score is generated, based upon 4 key inputs:

L: Length of stay
A: Acuity of admission
C: Charlson comobidity index
E: Number of Emergency Department Visions in the last 6 months (van Walraven et al., 2010).

A web-based version of the LACE index tool has been developed by HSPN researchers at the University of Waterloo.

Based on information input by a clinician, the tool will generate a LACE index score for an individual patient. It will also provide the expected risk of readmission for an individual a recommendation as to the appropriateness of a care transition intervention. Care transition interventions provide integrated follow-up care in the community after an at-risk patient has been discharged from hospital. Evidence suggests that care transition interventions can be effective to reduce readmissions to hospital (Naylor et al. 2011, Coleman et al. 2006).