Digital Health

We have engaged with patients and caregivers and providers to develop new digital health approaches to organizing care around the goals of patients with complex health conditions. In particular we have led the development of the Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) digital health solution. In this work we aimed to identify and develop innovative ways to collect person-centred, person-reported indicators that support primary care and self-management for patients with complex health conditions and disability and assess health system performance.  We have developed and are testing the Health System Performance Network – Bridgepoint ePRO tool; a mobile application and portal system which will allow patients and primary health care providers to better communicate about symptoms that affect their daily lives. The ePRO tool includes two key features: My Goals & Outcome Measures. The My Goals feature enables goal-oriented patient-centred care delivery by helping patients and providers to collaboratively set up and monitor health related goals. Patients use a mobile device to track their progress towards each goal, and both patients and providers can view progress at any time on the web-portal. The Outcome Measures feature helps patients to track symptoms identified as important for patients with complex chronic disease and disability in managing their daily lives.


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