Central Evaluations of Integrated Funding Models

Hip and Knee Bundled Care Evaluation, Report #2: Trends in Characteristics of Patients Receiving Hip and Knee Replacements

Hospital and Home Care Bundles for Surgical Patients Are Ready for Province-Wide Implementation. but Chronic Condition Bundles Need Refinement.

Integrated Funding Models Central Evaluation

Evaluation of Six Integrated Funding Model Pilot Projects – A Difference-in-Differences Analysis – Final Results

Understanding Bundled Care: COPD and CHF Patient Perspectives

Integrated Funding Models Caregiver Experience Survey Final Report

Integrated Funding Models Patient Experience Survey Final Report

COPD/ CHF Integrated Funding Models Qualitative Results

Early Results: Patient Experience Across Transitions in a Bundled Model of Care. Redefining Health Care – A Dialogue on Health Policy. Issue 3 – April 2018: 16-21