ADVANCE Resource Repository

ADVANCE Module Slides

Module 1 – Introduction to ADVANCE, Setting the Foundation

Module 2 – Authentic Collaboration & Agile Participatory Structures

Module 3 – Shared Decision-making

Module 4 – Shared Accountability

Module 5 – Collaborative Governance

Module 6 – Synthesis and Roadmap 


ADVANCE Special Topics webinar series

Balancing Task and Process in Leading Integrated Care Systems (January 9, 2023)

Governance Oversight for Population Health (November 30th, 2022)

ADVANCE Supplementary Resources 

Below are additional resources to supplement the learnings from the Leadership Sessions. If you have any questions about the materials please contact our Program Coordinator,

Please note resources with an asterisk* require registration, payment or institutional access.

Collective Impact

Collective Impact: Essentials for Social Innovation (Kania J, Kramer M)

Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work (Hanelybrown F, Kania J, Kramer M)

 The Water of Systems Change (Kania J, Kramer M, Senge P)

Tool: Operationalizing Collective Impact for OHTs (Coming soon)


Collaborative/Shared Governance (General Resources) 

Creating Shared Governance: Keys to Governance Success (Collaboration Coach)

Shared Decision-making for Nonprofit Governance (Collaboration Coach)

How Does Collaborative Governance Evolve? Insights from a Medium-N Case Comparison (Ulibarri N, Emerson K, Imperial M T, Jager N W, Newig J, Weber E)

Characteristics of Authentic Collaboration (Collaboration Coach)

Mutually Reinforcing Activities Tool (Blackstien-Hirsch P)

For addition tools to support authentic collaboration visit Collaboration Coach.


Shared Leadership

Doing More with More: Putting Shared Leadership into Practice (Allison M, Misra S, Perry E)

Shared Leadership Competencies

Creating Shared Governance – Are you a good collaborative leader? (Collaboration Coach)

Shared Leadership: Fundamentals, benefits and implementation (Towler A)


Shared Decision-Making 

Principle of Consent (Circle Forward)

Shared Decision-making for Nonprofit Governance (Graham H, Mollenhauer L)

Decision-Making for Impact: How to Make Smarter Choices in Service of Your Mission (Moss I D, Ruedy L)*

Building Trust and Managing Conflict – Keys to Success (Collaboration Coach)

Conflict Resolution – Process Steps (Collaboration Coach)

Effective Communications in Collaborations: Critical Factors (Collaboration Coach) 

Developing a Collaboration Agreement (Collaboration Coach)

Organizing for Empowerment: 5 Strategies for Leadership in the Convening of Ecosystems (Waretini C)

Introduction to Consensus Decision Making (Seeds for Change)

Book: “Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work” by Chip Heath & Dan Heath (Penguin Random House Canada)

Sample template for simple collaboration agreement

Sample template for complex collaboration agreement

Middlesex-London OHT Decision Making Framework (March 2022)


Shared Accountability 

Executive Review of Improvement Projects: A Primer for CEOs and other Senior Leaders (IHI)*

Designing Quality Improvement Initiatives: The Action Effect Method, a Structured Approach to Identifying and Articulating Programme Theory (Reed J, McNicholas C, Woodcock T, Issen L, Bell D)

Driver Diagram Template (Blackstien-Hirsch P)

Creating Shared Governance: Fulfilling Accountability: A Template (Collaboration Coach)

QI Project Charter Template (Blackstien-Hirsch P)

Networks and accountability: Moving research forward (Levasseur K)*

Rethinking accountability in complex and horizontal network delivery systems (Conteh C)*

Mutually Reinforcing Activities Tool (Blackstien-Hirsch P)



Understanding the Value of Backbone Organizations in Collective Impact (Turner S, Merchant K, Kania J, Martin E)

Backbone Starter Guide: A Summary of Major Resources about the Backbone (FSG)

Challenging Change: Making Collective Impact Work (Hanelybrown F, Kania J & Kramer M)


Governance Processes and Models

Board Oversight of Not-for-Profit Collaboration: Questions for Directors to Ask (Mollenhauer L)

Governing a Collaborative Organization (Wallestad A)

A New Approach to Contracts (Frydlinger D, Hart O, Vitasek K)

RISE Brief 19: Collaborative Governance Templates

RISE: Overview of Collaborative Governance for OHTs

Challenging Change: Making Collective Impact Work (Hanelybrown F, Kania J, Kramer M)

Sample OHT Committee Structures – Cohort 1 OHTs