Ontario Health Team Patient Survey

Our aim for the Ontario Health Team Patient Survey is to measure the patient experience domain of the quadruple aim reflective of overall experience and particularly coordination/integration of care.

The survey is applicable to all patient groups. The survey was developed in context of integrated care as applicable to the context of Ontario Health Teams.

The Ontario Health Team Patient survey uses a combination of existing and adapted items to assess the dimensions of healthcare use, health status, accessing care, care transitions, having someone to count on, being heard, patient self management, safety, and digital/virtual care identified as relevant to capturing patient experience in their OHT. 

There are eight topics captured in the survey: easily access health & social care; having someone to count on; being heard; knowing how to manage health; independence & well-being; feeling safe; care transitions; overall health; and sociodemographics.


  • Printable Ontario Health Team Patient Survey  EN / FR
  • Checklist items to collect patient contact information:
    • Suggested language to email to partner organizations  Bilingual
    • Excel template to email to partner organizations  Bilingual
  • Letter of information regarding informed consent  EN / FR
  • FAQ  EN / FR