ADVANCE Coaching Academy

To build on the ADVANCE leadership offerings the Coaching Academy is designed to support OHT leadership teams to develop sustainable approaches to collaboration. The OHT Coaches trained through the ADVANCE program will be an invaluable resource for these collective efforts. The Coaching Academy is designed to offer training and support to nominated coaches from now until March 31, 2022.

As stated in our previous communication we are asking each OHT to identify and nominate 2 coaches. Please consider nominating coaches who can commit to the time outlined below and who reflect a combination of the following characteristics:

  • Newer and more established partners
  • Diverse sectors represented (e.g. institutional and community-based organizations/partners)
  • Partners that are members of Collaborative Leadership Committees (e.g. Steering/Executive Committee) AND are also closely connected with a Population Health/Operational Work Group (where relevant tools may also be shared)

When identifying who in your OHT could fill this important role, please consider the following questions:

  • Who has substantial experience facilitating collaborative efforts, in particular, those who have worked with senior leadership teams?
  • Who will be capable of demonstrating neutrality in developing and implementing processes across partner organizations? Does the person or people work from a position of humility and curiosity? Do these individuals demonstrate key collaboration skills and abilities (creativity, problem solving, negotiation, conflict management, communications skills)?
  • Who in your OHT has strong emotional intelligence, and routinely demonstrates reflexivity in their daily practice?

Coaches should plan for upwards of 35 hours per year engaged in coaching development activities facilitated by the ADVANCE program and facilitation of local activities. Recruitment and orientation activities will take approximately 3 hours; webinars, one-on-one coaching and other development activities will average 2 hours per month. Coaches will work to develop local resources and support their OHT leadership group engage in collaboration activities, and for this reason, the total time commitment will likely vary based on the amount of time coaches spend with their Steering Committee.

We anticipate that the OHT coach role will be sustained beyond the training programs and services we provide. As such, coaches will not be compensated for their participation in the program, however – expenses related to participation (travel if/when feasible for participation) will be covered by the ADVANCE program.  In addition, all training materials, resources and supplies will be provided to the coaches at no cost to the OHT. One consideration for compensation or release time funding for coaches may be included as part of the ‘OHT Backbone’ supports – similar to that of the project manager.  We will take this question back to our faculty group and reflect on how we might assist OHT leadership in determining strategies for optimal engagement.

Next Steps

Registration is now closed

Once you have provided contact information, we will follow up directly with the selected individuals to provide further details on the offerings, including dates and times for the introductory webinars and one-on-one sessions.

We would like to have a full roster of OHT coaches finalized by October 1, 2020 with activities beginning shortly thereafter to parallel with our Steering Committee offerings.


Please provide any additional questions you have to our Program Coordinator, Alana Armas at