The issue of chronic conditions and their impact on healthcare systems is a global concern. In Western societies, as the baby boomer generation ages and risk factors for chronic diseases, such as sedentary lifestyles and obesity, become more prevalent, a significant number of individuals are now dealing with multiple chronic conditions (MCC). The rise in MCC cases has led to an increasing demand for healthcare services. However, the current fragmented healthcare system is not adequately equipped to efficiently and effectively cater to the needs of MCC patients.

The challenges that this situation creates for the healthcare system are multiple and complex. The existing healthcare structure, which primarily focuses on managing individual diseases and often prioritizes handling acute events, including exacerbations of chronic illnesses, fails to meet the ongoing needs of patients with MCC. As a result, the quality and outcomes of care provided to these individuals are often suboptimal.

There is a compelling need to transform the health system by restructuring care provision to deliver integrated patient-centred care. Our research program in multimorbidity addresses this pressing need comprehensively, spanning aspects of patient experience and performance measurement.


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