The problem of chronic conditions and their impact on the health care system is a worldwide concern.  In western societies, as the baby boomer cohort ages and chronic disease risk factors, such as sedentary lifestyle and obesity, increase in prevalence, an increasing number of individuals experience multiple chronic conditions (MCC). Individuals with MCC drive a growing demand for health care services; yet the current fragmented system is not organized to provide care to MCC patients effectively and efficiently. The challenges that this situation creates for the health care system are multiple and complex. The way health care services are currently structured, focusing on management of single diseases and often oriented toward managing acute events, including exacerbations of chronic diseases, fails to meet the ongoing needs of patients with MCC. Quality and outcomes of care for these people are often suboptimal. There is a compelling need to transform the health system by restructuring the provision of care to deliver integrated patient-centred care. We have developed a research program in multimorbidity that spans patient experience, performance measurement.


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