HSPN Individual OHT Improvement Indicators

Welcome to the landing page for OHT-specific reports of improvement indicators for Fiscal years 2021/22 and 2022/23.

We have listened to OHTs across the province in selecting the content for this report. First, we have selected a subset of 12 of the 28 indicators that OHT representatives highlighted as being most relevant. These data are provided in a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to populate other specific working groups for OHTs. There are also simple explanations and interpretations included within. These 12 indicators are reported stratified by:

1) Material Deprivation

2) Primary Care Model

3) CIHI Population Grouper

4) BC Health System Population Grouper (matrix)

Second, we are providing every indicator for all 27 HSPN and cQIP indicators within excel spreadsheets also stratified by the same groupings. You can compare your results to provincial results which are reported on the HPSN Evaluation Reports webpage  https://hspn.ca/evaluation/oht/reports/.

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